pregnant woman caressing her bare belly with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Oh Baby! My Unexpected News!"
Pink Text "LOVE" with scripted navy text overlay that says, "trust test" with navy copy above and below reading, "you really trusting God with your love-life? Take this free test and find out!"

Oh baby, do I have some news for you!!

So you’re pretty used to my weekly videos where I would chat to you about love and relationships and how to get your love-life together, right?
And then, out of nowhere, things just sort of… stopped.
This was totally NOT my style.
I like my structure.  Life needs to have an order.  My schedule is usually planned out for weeks in advance!
But a few months ago… that all changed.

I received the most shocking and anticipated news of my entire life:

 It was official:  I was pregnant.  I’m officially a mom.

My first trimester left me feeling dizzy, nauseous, and completely out of it!  I no longer had any control over my life, my schedule, or my future.  Everything was placed on hold and I was literally freaking out!
What about my career?
And the videos?
Or the future of my business?
Things got pretty complicated.  And in a world where control seemed to be my best remedy, I had to completely let go and let God.
Whatever I am to make of my videos, coaching, and message to the world, God has already declared exactly how I am to execute those steps.  Apparently, they are to be done with a baby in tote.
With that said,

Things will be changing around here.  

More like a readjustment.  While I still aim to carry on with my videos, I would also like to mix in a few of my personal posts to share this lovely new journey that I am on.  Why?  Because this is a new kind of love… and I believe it’s totally worth sharing with you!
Last, I want to re-enforce my goals for this blog/business/ministry.
The Single Woman's Prayer Book Banner - Selina Almodovar- Christian Relationship Blogger & Coach

And that is to help prepare Godly women to learn to trust God with their love-life.

Over the next chapter of my life (as a mom), I am going to do everything in my power to provide you with the tools you will need to prepare yourself, your mind, your heart, and your spirit for the love that you’ve been waiting for.  The love that you’ve been searching for.  One that requires you to trust God with everything.
Believe me, I’ve done a lot of thinking in my last season… and this is the direction I aim to go in.  Will you follow me there?
If so, then you can start here to join me on this journey!

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