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You just went on your first date. It was nice…and fun. You actually had a really great time. So… What do you do now after a first date?

Now you have all types of thoughts, emotions, and questions swimming through your head. How do you even begin to process what just happened?
More importantly, will there be a second date?

Here are 5 things you’ll want to consider after a first date, before your second one.

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1. Did you have a good time?

Whether the date was absolutely perfect or everything went horribly wrong, in the end, did you actually have a good time and enjoy yourself?

2. Do you really want to see this person again?

Don’t force a second date because you want to be nice and not hurt the person’s feelings. Also, if you’re leaning towards this simply because your family and friends are pressuring you to date them, then say no more and don’t call him back.
Your life is your life. Only you will know who will ultimately make you happy long-term.
If you aren’t feeling the guy, then move onto someone new before feelings get hurt.
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3. Did you ever feel uncomfortable at any point of the date?

Did your date say, do, or react a certain way that totally made you feel uncomfortable? This is a HUGE red flag!
Before you get exclusive, you want to feel completely natural with this person, so if the first date placed you on edge, then chances are, you won’t let loose for future dates to come.
Now if there was an uncomfortable situation that went beyond what your date could control, do not take it out on them. Crap happens. However, what you do want to be aware of is their reaction. Did they completely overreact and blow their lid? Did that make you feel some kind of way? Then move on.

4. Did your “likes” match up?

In other words, did you have enough things in common with them that kept the date fun, interesting, and entertaining?
Sure, it’s cool to date an opposite because they “attract”, and be sure that there are a few commonalities as well. Check out what questions you can ask during your first date to figure this out.

5. Did he respect you?

Was he trying to get into your pants the entire time or did he actually have an interest in your mind and heart? A key factor in determining this would be his aggressive attempts to make out with you.
Focus on his compliments: Did he compliment all of you or only focused on how you looked, smelled, and dressed?
Pay attention to how your conversation went: Did he listen? Was he into it? Was he on his phone the entire time?
Also, think back to his mannerisms: Did he open doors for you? Was he mindful of where he placed his hands? Where were eyes looking at?

Remember, at the end of the day, you are dating to find the potential someone who you are willing to have a lasting, loving relationship with.

And I’m pretty sure that whoever that person is, they’ll make you feel comfortable, respect you, and you won’t be worrying about having a good time.
If you realize that this guy is nowhere near what you’d like your end result partner to look and be like after a first date, then he’s not the one for you. Don’t waste your time any longer with this guy.
Set them free so that you can free yourself to find the guy that you truly deserve.

One of the biggest things you can do after a first date?  PRAY ABOUT IT.

The Single Woman's Prayer Book Banner - Selina Almodovar- Christian Relationship Blogger & Coach
Tell God all about it and all of the considerations that were mentioned above.  Ask for clarity and peace to move forward.  Or, ask for the confirmation to never call this guy again.  Either way, trusting God with making the next move is always a sure win.

What do you usually do after a first date?  Share in the comments below!

guy and girl holding hands walking on a dirt path into horizon with pink overlay and white text that reads, "5 Things to Do After a First Date"

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