Are you afraid to move forward in your relationship?

Whether it’s a good thing that your partner wants to take things to the next level or a bad thing, you can always seem to find yourself surrounded by a level of fear.

With good reason! There are many that could explain the sudden butterflies or feelings or reservations.

Especially when your past has left you feeling hopeful before only to let you know (or even break your heart).

Of course, depending on how much you trust your man will also have something to do with this scenario as well. Let’s be honest, if you fully trusted in him, then the fears might not be keeping you from moving forward.

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Then there’s the aspect of God. Where do He and His plans for you fall into this? And how much of this are you actually lifting up to Him through prayer?

So you see, there are a LOT of factors that go into you and your fear to move forward in your relationship. The good news: is it’s not uncommon and you’re not alone. Bad news: this fear is stopping you from moving forward (whether that’s alone or at a new level of the relationship!)

What is a girl to do?

If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship, it might be because you’re afraid to move forward. In this video, I discuss why you might be afraid to move forward and give you some tips on how to overcome your fear and start moving in your Relationship.

If you’re not sure where to start, this video is for you. I’ll discuss the different reasons you might be afraid to move forward in your relationship and give you some tips on how to overcome your fear.

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From asking yourself ONE major question to understanding what God wants for you, I’ll help you find the courage when you’re afraid to move forward in your relationship!

Click below to enjoy this video!

Click here to watch the video, “When You’re Afraid To Move Forward In Your Relationship”

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