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Let Me Tell You A Love Story…

I remember the season like it was yesterday.  It was 2010, I was 25 years old, and I would go out drinking and clubbing practically every night.  Praying and hoping to meet the One.  Only instead, I ended up with guys who weren’t serious and I went through terrible breakups that resulted in a very depressed and bitter life.

Flash forward a few years.  I’m now happily married, living out my thirties, working from home, writing about love, confident in the woman I’ve become and blessed to be a stay-at-home mom of two!  How did this happen?

I decided to reset my relationship with God!  I focused on trusting Him with my love life rather than to put all of my efforts on finding a good man all on my own.  I decided to trust God with my love life and He completely restored me!


From my love story, I’ve been able to not only share my testimony to women across the world, but I’m also able to teach them how to totally trust God with their love life and their relationships through my words, videos, books, and online courses!

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Best Sellers

The Single Woman’s Prayer Book

Get the prayer book that has encouraged thousands of single women to trust God with their love-life! Includes 30 personal prayers that allow you to connect to God, heal from your broken past, embrace your season of singleness, and prepare for your future relationship with Mr. Right!

The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book


Get rid of the stress, overwhelm, and worry of planning your wedding & marriage with just 5 minutes a day!  The Engaged Woman’s Prayer Book is exactly what you need to guide you into having an effortless wedding season!

With All Your Heart:  How To Fully Trust God With Love And Relationships


 This book will leave you with the practical steps, encouragement, and powerful inspiration to trust God with your whole heart, from breakups to marriage and everything in between.

Best Online Courses

How to Strengthen Your Relationship With God

No relationship will matter more than the one your personal relationship with Christ.  Learn how to invest your time, share experiences, and find the perfect tools & resources to help you strengthen your faith, trust, and day-to-day connection with God.

Dating with Purpose


Dating something new can be tough but it doesn’t have to be!  Get tips, prayers, boundary lists, and basically EVERYTHING you need to set a faith-based foundation, date with intention, and honor God throughout your next real relationship!

Surviving Your First Month After A Breakup


Heal your hurting heart the right way!  This course covers everything you need to know to fully grieve, process, pray through, and take healthy, self-loving actions to move on from a breakup phase over the next 30 days!

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To contact me directly, email me at Selina@SelinaAlmodovar.com!

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