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I was a woman with a plan. Had the degrees. Had the man. And thought I had life all figured out. That is until my love life completely wrecked me. That’s when I decided to reset my relationship with God. Together, He taught me how to apply my faith towards trusting Him to create a life beyond my wildest dreams. Ten years later, I have the privilege to teach women to do the same.


I believe that God has called me to encourage women to trust Him openly and fully with their most precious gift: their hearts. Going through all of the heartaches and heartbreaks in my time has given me a powerful testimony that I now use to inspire others to put God back at the center of every relationship in order to create love the way that God originally designed it to be. A love that is naked and unashamed (Genesis 2:25).

Coming from a divorced family, I vowed to never become like my parents. I was determined to find love and keep it. Even though I knew God my entire life, I never fully included Him in my love life. Rather than “submit” to the “strict rules” that God had when it came to love and relationships, I went off to college and did my own thing. I looked to friends, movies, and shows like “Sex and the City” to teach me about love.

I never took into account how much baggage I was bringing into my relationships, let alone how much more baggage I was creating in the process. With every breakup I encountered, I felt like a complete failure. And because God was not answering my prayer to live happily ever after I became more and more angry and distant with Him.

With each new guy I began to settle less and less. I felt love was what you decided to make it. But deep down, love was becoming a mere fantasy that not even real.

As I was heading into my third year with a guy I was certain would become my husband, he dumped me. I was devastated. Utterly crushed and lost. I lost my future plans, my identity, my everything.

I had no other choice but to look to God. And to finally trust in Him with this thing called love. Slowly but surely, God pulled me in closer. He was able to heal me from my past and restore me for my future. Then, when He deemed that I was ready, He brought me my husband. Only… I had no idea how to date him. Or approach him. Or love him. All while balancing the love I found for myself and God.

Day by day, God showed us how to honor Him through our fears, our pasts, our imperfections, and everything in between.  In doing so, we were able to grow closer together, and in love. After dating a year, and engaged for a year, we got married in 2013 and shared our first kiss at the altar! We now have 3 kids and live in our dream home!

Even though I gained two degrees in Health Administration in 2008 & 2009, God made the most transformational impact on me through my love life. If I am going to leave this Earth someday, I want to be remembered for leading women out of their broken love lives and into a life where they wholeheartedly trust God and allow Him to transform their hearts and lives too! Four books later, I share my story and lessons on how women can apply their own faith towards building a life beyond their wildest dreams!


I really enjoyed this session!  Due to the precision with the questions and the sensitivity of the discussion, and that it was organized in such a way that it helped me pull back curtains to help me see where I am right now, and where I was, and where I can finally go in the process of understanding love, self-love, and love all the way around!

Bella to Jehovah

My love assessment w Selina far exceeded my expectations.  Although I was reluctant about letting someone into my heart (let alone a complete stranger), I did feel a connection to her through her heartfelt YouTube videos. Selina was very prepared. The patience she exhibited when hearing me rant on about my broken past was extremely professional. And when she made it her turn to speak her words brought much healing and answers for my soul. She also provided me with a practical step-by-step guide on how to proceed and prepare for love again! This woman is doing what she is called to do and you won’t regret opening your heart to her. The reward is tremendous. Thank you, Selina Almodovar!

Rosa Velez

“Before this service, I felt more flustered, confused, and couldn’t get a straight thought.  Working with Selina throughout the season helped me really express what I needed and I can now recognize feelings and what brings up those feelings.  After working with Selina I can now actually control my feelings…my feelings aren’t controlling me.

Selina’s service was amazing!  It was something I so needed so badly.  Therapy doesn’t give you the tools you need…this service sets you up to succeed.  In Selina’s service, I got the tools to overcome.

Selina is the best!  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  She was there whenever I needed anything.  Having her only an email away was very comforting.”

Kate Buerba

“I’m currently getting to a better place. In the beginning, I felt like I was fed with a lot of issues. And now I feel like my marriage, which was a very key issue, has made a right turn instead of a left. And it gets better every day, and our communication gets better, even the disagreements are better. It’s just a different love right now and it’s a better one. And with that happening, a lot of other things are falling into place… stress, the home life, everything else. I feel like I’ve incorporated God more, I talk to Him more, and I’ve learned to leave some things and just trust. I couldn’t focus on myself until I was able to focus on that. Now that these areas are better, I want and need to focus on myself now!

I liked working with Coach Selina because she came to me with a different way of thinking.  She hears me out and listens to me, and then she responds in a way that I didn’t even think about!  She made me sit back and think.  Sometimes I get so consumed in making everybody else happy and I never took the time to look out for me, do what makes me happy…Selina did such a fantastic job!”

Iliana Santiago

“Before working with Selina I was feeling physically and emotionally imbalanced. I knew I had to make some changes but I didn’t know where to start.

My results for working with Selina was a new-found importance to take specific time each day to focus on loving myself by doing things that make me happy.

Selina really wants to help understand each woman and her “struggle” or challenge. She is phenomenal at asking the questions that helped me get to a solution. Overall, Selina cares about the well-being of her clients and works to provide the tools in order to help them achieve their dreams.”

Amanda Berenguel-Smolka

“Selina’s strongest point is her support!  Her guidance really helped me find my inner strength.  And it’s crazy how much things have changed for me personally just over the last year that I’ve been talking with her.  I came from a place from when I started with her I just was on the ground.  I didn’t see what the purpose in life was.  Little by little by having her guide me through this, I’ve built myself up to where I’m at now and I’m doing so good and my life feels fulfilled.  I feel good about the things that I’m doing, and even though life isn’t perfect, Selina has helped me walk through a lot of challenges, and really think about the way that I go about things.

I don’t think a lot of people will take the time to, especially when they are in Selina’s position or when they are coaching you, a lot of time they don’t challenge you.  They want you to feel good about things, and they’ll walk with you and do what you wanna do, but I think a lot of the times, whenever I would do things, Selina showed me that there were better ways to get results.”

Wendy Guzmán-Sosa

It was great talking with Selina and hearing her input. I appreciate all that she has done for me. I thought it especially helpful when she was able to hue in on how my voice changed while I was talking about things and the insight she shared about that has given me plenty to think about. I have already put into place some of the suggestions Selina gave me during our phone conversation. I wasn’t sure what to expect before our meeting but after it I am now aware how gifted Selina is with respect to helping others. Thank you so much!”

Michelle P.

“Before working with Selina I was stuck in a rut, not really sure where I was heading. My results working with Selina were FANTASTIC!  I improved significantly in multiple aspects of my life (health, financially, self-worth and overall well-being). 

Selina is confident, passionate and energetic. Sessions with her end with realistic goals and a positive outlook on life in general. I highly recommend Selina to anyone that’s looking for a little direction in life. She is awesome!”

Lauren Amalong

Realizing that I’m not the only one feeling the way I do helps a lot. Selina is pretty clear and helps you understand what is going on.  Even if you already know what is happening with you, she helps you to know what you can do about it.  Know that life happens and there is always someone with experience and knowledge to help you.

Arazazú P.

“I really liked working with Selina as a Coach!  Because she’s like an accountability partner, I’ve strived to get those goals done efficiently and concisely.  She has a great personality, she’s a great encourager, and I would recommend anybody to work with her!  In fact,

I even gave her services as a gift certificate to one of my friends as a wedding gift to help her plan, and organize her wedding!  She’s more than a Coach; she really helps with keeping me balance!”

Anita Peshek

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