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What’s a wife gotta do to spice up her marriage?!

Are you running out of ideas and momentum on how to keep your marriage “hot and spicy”?
Ladies, you might not have realized that sports go on all year round.  Perhaps it’s a busy season where kids are running around and you don’t have as much “alone” time with your spouse as you would like.

Husbands, you might have been praying for this for YEARS and it just never happened.

So how do you stay connected?  How do you keep the flame burning?  How do you keep the sparkle sparkling?

It’s going to take some effort from both parties.  So if you’re up for it, here are a few tips for both husbands and wives that will make your marriage spicier than a bottle of sriracha sauce!
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For the Wives

Make the first move.

How many times has your husband approached you to initiate some kind of action?  And what’s your general response when it happens?
I’m tired.  I’m gotta work.  The baby needs something.  I got a headache.  I’m on my Menzies…you know what I’m talking about! 
Wouldn’t it be an awesome element of surprise if you made the first move?  Your husband probably wouldn’t know what to do with himself.


Men LOVE attention and to feel good about themselves (aka affirmation).  And no one can make them feel better than their wife.  So spice up the day by throwing flirtatious comments into your conversation that will keep your husband feeling on top of the world!

If you aren’t the flirting type and have no idea what to say, you can always use the phrase, “Have you been working out?”  It works every time.

Take control.

Picture your husband at work taking care of business.  He suddenly gets a text from his wife.  The text reads,
“I want you.  I want you now.  Meet me in the bedroom tonight at 9 pm”. 
Yes, ladies, that is how you take control!  Your husband will be anticipating his “late night meeting” and your confidence will boost at the thought of taking aggressive action.

For the Husbands

Know the difference between “Sex” and “Romance”.

Don’t think that because you are making a sexual gesture or comment that your wife will automatically get turned on and spice up the mood.  We like romance…
However, do not be romantic only so that you can get “spicy” later on.  Being romantic (through compliments, gentlemanly gestures, and yes, a few gifts could help) throughout the days, weeks, and your marriage will often leave your wife feeling very loved.  On top of that, she’ll feel valued, and even sexy enough to engage in the “play” more often.
Trust me, after showing her how much she means to you, she’ll want to spice up some other stuff in return.

Leave your wife wanting some more.

Usually when it comes down to keeping things spicy, men are so excited that they tend to take things from zero to ten instantly and expect their wives to meet them there.  Women do not process this way.
While men are more like “light switches” and can easily go from “off” to turn “on”, women are more like “flag poles”…it takes a steady rise over time for the flag to reach the top.
So husbands, if you want to really excite your wife, romance and flirt with her until she reaches about a level seven.  She’ll feel turned on just enough to want more.  Instead of giving her what she wants, play a little hard-to-get.
She’s going to love it.  She’s going to want more of it.  And she’ll come after it.  You’ll see.

Impress your wife by being the man of the house.

Nothing turns a wife on more than seeing her husband take care of the house and family.  When she sees that you are fixing the toilet, that squeaky door, cutting that grass or doing things around the house that they know they cannot physically do themselves, you coming in the “save the day” leaves your wife with a heroic impression of you.

Sounds too sexist?  Alright then, how you just focus on doing the stuff she’s been asking you to do instead?
When you take action by handling your husband duties, this creates a level of security in your wife that allows her to feel cared for and protected.  When she feels this about you, she can instantly feel turned on because you just washed away an intense amount of worry!
You know how women claim to be up at night thinking about every little thing in life?  Well, guys, a lot of that can be those things around the house that she may have expressed to you some time ago.  If you take action and handle it, she’s going to be thinking more about you and how wonderful you are!

Both Husbands and Wives

One thing you both can do to ensure that you spice up your marriage is to designate a night each week where you both will get spicy.
You can call it what you want…Sunday Funday…Makeout Monday…Take It Off Tuesday…etc.
Whatever the case may be, honor this day.  Husbands, think of it as the day where you know that you’re going to get some intimate action.  Wives, consider it a day where you can step up, mentally prepare for the evening, and have fun without the fuss of making time for it.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your spouse.

Be ok talking about this topic and telling your spouse what really turns you on.  Create exciting and new ideas that both you and your spouse can enjoy.
Which reminds me, do not be afraid to TALK ABOUT THIS TOPIC WITH YOUR SPOUSE!  Many feel shy, or ashamed for even bringing it up.  As if we should know how to connect intimately with our spouse simply because we married them.

Not the case.  You’re gonna have a lifetime together to being direct about what moves you and grooves you will save you some time and frustration in the long run.
Always remember to hold your end of the bargain by giving your marriage and your spouse 100% in trying to spice up your neck of the woods, so that your spouse can bring their spiciness in return.

What are some tips that YOU and your spouse use to spice up your marriage?  Share your “PG-13” rated tips below in the comments section!!

husband and wife sit on a blanket at the beach gazing at each other as the sun sets with pink overlay and white text that reads, "7 Tips to Spice Up Your Marriage"

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