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He dumped you.

Out of nowhere.
For no good reason.
Or so you thought…
You thought everything was fine!  So what really happened??
As much as you would NOT like to be in this situation, you are.
Coming from someone who has experienced MANY lessons from going through MANY breakups, I can tell you that why you got dumped ain’t about to be pretty.

What I’m about to say might be a little real so take it with a grain of salt.  These are just a few of the possibilities that could be the reason that he dumped you.

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Reason #1:  You became too dependent on him.

You forgot the power that you once had before he came along.  Who you are and what makes you stand out was lost somewhere in the relationship, so you began to depend on him for everything, including your security and happiness.  That is a very overwhelming thing for a man to handle, especially if he originally expected you to be independent and unique.

Reason #2:  The trust is lacking.

If you don’t have trust in your relationship, then it is a dead giveaway that your relationship is going to crumble and fall in a matter of time.  The only hard part about this is that he made the move to call it quits and dumped you before you did it to him first.

Reason #3:  He knows you deserve better.

Your Ex knew that you deserved more than what he was offering you.  And quite frankly, he also knew his limits…and he wasn’t ready to commit to giving you more than he was already dishing out.  He was either not willing to put in the extra work or he was incapable of giving you more, which made him feel like less of a man.  The bittersweet truth about this is that there are only good and better things ahead for you.
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Reason #4:  There is another woman.

Sometimes there really is someone else on the side!  Your Ex was tired of living the double life and wanted to cut ties with you before things got ugly and drama paid him a visit.  To them, they’re actually doing you a favor because they cut the ties with you to save you from any future problems that were bound to come your way.  So…thanks?  He still dumped you so thanks for nothing!

Reason #5:  You didn’t respect him enough.

So you’re the total package and you got it going on.  You have every right to be feelin yourself.  However, your man felt inferior to you and what you were bringing to the table.  If you were constantly flaunting what you had over what he didn’t have, then it’s likely you crushed his spirit.  Respect is one of the strongest elements that a man possesses.  When you remove it, there is nothing left for him to fight for.  No man is going to want to support, lean on, believe in, or love a woman who is going to do that to him.  Believe me, he’s not about to compete with you for you.

Reason #6:  He’s completely selfish.

Chances are, he wants things to go his way.  And when they don’t, he will find a way to make it so.  That’s a HUGE red flag.  Even if that means cutting you off so that he can gain more for himself.  If your relationship used to be all about him and he was still unhappy, then he most likely ended it so that the world can continue to revolve around him, his needs, and his wants, instead of yours.
So there you have it.  These are the most common reasons why men would choose to end their relationships without explanation.  Whether they wanted to avoid the long conversation or stress that would have followed, they all felt that they were not entitled to say anything more than “it’s over”.

A really good friend gave me some solid “man advice” during one of my breakups.  He said,

There are some people out there who are just hurtful.  So when they hurt you, they don’t care, or try to make it better because it’s in their own nature to hurt.

Understand that your Ex may not care about the situation as deeply as you do.  There are some people who will never give you an explanation and will always end up hurting you without caring too much about what happens afterward.
Always remember that at the end of the day really knowing the reason why your Ex dumped you is not going to help your situation.
Knowing will not bring him back or take away the pain that you’re currently feeling.  The best thing for you to do is move on and accept what it is.  The truth will always come out in the end anyway.

Instead of focusing on what was, focus on what is…and that’s you!

Do what you can do to bring your life up to a level where you’re happy and feel good about yourself instead of feeling the way you currently feel now.
So shine on and focus on all the sweet things that are coming your way!

What other reason would your boyfriend dump you?  Share in the comments below!

girl sitting on bench with her head down with pink overlay and white text that reads, "6 Reasons Why He Dumped You"

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