This should seem like a no-brainer to Christian women.  I mean, of course, you trust God with your love life, right?  Right?

Well, I thought I did.  That is when things were going well.  But as soon as there was a breakup, or a still season in my life where I had to wait longer than a season to find a nice guy (let alone my Mr. Right!), my trust in God began to waver.
I began to wonder if He had forgotten about me.
Perhaps there was something I did wrong and God was punishing me with this uncomfortable season of singleness.
Or, maybe He was trying to clue me in that I was meant to live my life alone.

When the clouds are foggy and the waters are murky, how exactly can any woman remain steadfast and faithful to God when it comes to their love-life and actually finding true love in their life?

You don’t have to take it from me, but based on my personal experience, there were five things that really helped me not only trust in God with this particular area of my life, but it also helped me shaped the faith that kept me going and allowed me to prepare for the love-life that I so desperately wanted.
Whether you just began to grow your relationship with God, or you’ve been walking with the Lord since you actually learned how to walk, I’m sure that we all can fall into a rut at some point in our lives.  Especially when things don’t necessarily go our way.
When it comes to love, it has such a strong emotional attachment that once we experience it with someone, it’s hard not to want to continue living among that feeling.

Therefore, if we tend to lose love (say, from a divorce or breakup) then chances are, we long to find it again… of someone else.

And if you’re anything like I used to be, I simply could not stand the thought of living a life alone without feeling that “in love” feeling.
Once I went through a breakup, I tried to find love in the next best guy I could find.  And yes, this leads to a lot of no-good guys, dramatic relationships, and even more heartache.
But I thank God today that I was able to learn how to put my trust in Him one final time!

Learning to trust God gave me the strength I needed to not only take my time with finding the right man at the right time, but it truly helped me grow to become the woman I had always dreamed of becoming:  a strong woman of faith.

During a very lonely season, I vowed to remain single for at least six months.  It may seem like nothing to you, but for me, it was almost impossible.  It was during this time that I learned how to trust in God with my love-life.

Here are five reasons why you highly consider you to trust God when it comes to your very own love-life.

 1.  It will help you avoid heartache.

Whenever we take our focus off of God’s plan for us, we become distracted by everything else.  So when it comes to you and your love-life, the media, your friend’s relationships, and anyone else who happens to be boo’d up could make you feel worse about your situation.  The more you focus on the negative reasons behind why you are still single, the more tempted you will become to take matters into your own hands and end up with Mr. Wrong.

2.  It will keep you focused on what He has in store for you.

When you trust in God, you begin to not only see the distractions for what they really are, but you’ll be strong enough to resist them.  I remember walking into a Wal-mart and noticing a very odd couple arguing over toothpaste.  I thought to myself, “If God can bring them together then surely He has someone for me!”  And this was honestly my motivation many months.  Whenever I thought a guy could be the one and ended up being a dud, I reminded myself that God must have someone better.

If you’re looking to remain focused on God’s plan for your love-life than perhaps my free e-devotional can help!  Check out my weeklong study on true love through God’s Word and experience your path to finding love in God, Yourself, and Mr. Right!  

3.  He has a way better man for you than what you think you have for yourself.

So you think that a certain individual has the total package but he’s out of reach, or not interested, etc?  Guess what?  What you thought was best for you is not even close compared to the man who God has in store for you!
When I met my husband, he barely met any of my common “qualities” (we are soo different!)  Once I got to know him, (and when I began to love him), God began to reveal things about him that I had only prayed about!

How could one man possess so many of my deepest, heartfelt prayers, without me ever mentioning it to him or anyone else?  God.  That’s how.

If you trust in Him, He’ll prove it to you too.

4.  He has never failed you.

Sure, your love-life may be a touchy subject, but let’s think about all of the other areas in your life where God has come through for you.  There have been so many answered prayers that He provided for you.  What makes you think that He will address all of those and forget about this particular part of your life?  Especially when it’s on your mind all the time!  God sees and knows your heart.  God knows what you long for.  He even knows about those dreams that you may be too afraid to share out loud.  And believe me, His track-record, since the beginning of time, is crystal clear.

So when you begin to lose faith and trust in God, remind yourself of the things He has done so far.  And regain your trust in the times and things (and people) that are yet to come!

5. It will encourage you to walk on water and move mountains.

Do you see your love-life as a lake with no way of crossing over to the other side?  By trusting in God, He will make the possible out of the impossible and before you realize it, you’ll be walking on water.  Or how about a stubborn mountain?  Trust in the Lord!  Love will shatter that mountain and shine all over you!
So do not allow your trust to waver.  Do not let the enemy start playing with your emotions and toying with your thoughts.  Don’t assume that God is angry with you!  Or that because you had a few breakups that mean that you’ll never find your Mr. Right!

Trust in God.  And in His timing!  Also in His ways.  Trust Always!

How has trusting God with your love-life helped you find love?  Share in the comments below!

Five Reasons to Trust God with Your Love-Life- Selina Almodovar - Christian Relationship Blogger - Christian Relationship Coach

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