You wanna be in a relationship, but truthfully, you probably can’t handle a relationship.

That was heavy, right? Ok, let’s back it up a bit. I’m not saying that you aren’t fit to have any relationship. Or, that you’re destined to be alone for the rest of your life!

All I’m saying is that this particular season might not be the best season for you to dive back into the dating pool to meet someone new.

I’m saying that because in all honesty, you probably just wrapped up a relationship and there could be some things that you still need to process. Or heal from. Or overcome.

But the fact remains, women want to use their NEXT RELATIONSHIP as a way to heal from their previous one! That’s not a good call!

Think about it: when has anyone ever said anything good about a “rebound relationship”? It’s always filled with drama, baggage, and trust issues!

Now I know that because you’re reading this, you are a good woman. You are strong, motivated, and determined to trust God with all of this, right?

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So let me give you a bit of advice… there is nothing wrong with admitting that you can’t handle a relationship in this season of your life. In fact, it shows wisdom in knowing that you are not ready for that! It proves that you actually take dating and relationships seriously. Serious enough to the point where you wanna do it right and not how this whole “modern dating” game is telling you how to play.

I get it, girl. Your heart is telling you that you should wait and focus on yourself, but time, hormones, and the attention you might be receiving from guys (cute guys!) are hinting otherwise.

So what you really need is an indication to let you know that yes, you’re ready to start a healthy relationship, or no, you’re actually not.

In this video, I’m gonna give you FIVE SIGNS letting you know that you CAN’T handle a relationship in this current season.

Click below to enjoy this video!

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