So you’re going on a first date with someone new and you couldn’t more excited AND freaked out all at the same time!

What do you do to ensure that this date will be fun, enjoyable, and smooth sailing?

Here are 5 things you should do to have fun and also have a game plan.  Click below to watch this video!

1) Peep him out.

Am I encouraging you to cyber-stalk your new friend?  Kind of, sort of. But hear me out!
Get a feel for who this guy is and what he’s really like.  And what better way to do that than to check him out on your favorite social media site, right?

Now, I’m not saying that you should like, poke, and heart every single post or comment he has made over the past few weeks (cause that would be creepy).  But just look around and see how your first date guy represents himself in the world.
Is he a social guy or more introverted?

Does he spend a lot of time with family, friends, or no one at all?
Based on his likes and pics, what does he like to do for fun?

Checking him out before your first date will make you a bit more comfortable heading into the date because you know a bit more about him.

2) Enjoy some Self-Care.

Taking care of yourself before your first date is going to give you the reassurance that you are valuable and worth caring for.
Engage in an intense workout, go for that jog you love so much, buy yourself some new shoes or lipstick, or pamper yourself with a manicure!

Taking care of you first is also a great reminder that whether this date goes really, really good (or really, REALLY bad!) you have your stuff under control and you’re already well taken care of.

3) Look your best.

First impressions are everything! Consider this first date as you would a job interview. Because in reality, it is! Only you won’t be hiring this guy for a job in the office, instead, he’s actually applying for the position of getting Exclusive with you.
And yes, this means, that you both are interviewing each other for this position, so looking for your best help.

This is NOT an attempt to make you shallow for the shallow-dating world, there’s actual truth behind this theory:

When you look your best, you feel your best.

Don’t be afraid to have fun as you prepare for your date! Play up your makeup and tease your hair! When you have fun before the date, it’s pretty likely that your fun attitude will carry over to the actual date.

4) Set your intentions.

What exactly are you trying to get out of this dating experience? What do you want the end result of your dating life to look like? Get very clear on these before you leave for your date.

Once you have clear intentions in mind, you’ll be able to recognize what you want when you see it, if you see it on this date. If you don’t, then you’ll know when to walk away, and since your emotions aren’t rooted in just yet, it’ll be easier to move on and keep searching for the relationship you’re looking for.

5) Set your boundaries.

Whatever you don’t want to happen set those boundaries in place first. Usually, during the first date, we allow anything to happen, because we want to get a feel for the guy, nerves take over, or we don’t have a clear plan as to how to control the scene. Next thing you know, you drank too much, you slept with a complete stranger, or you said “yes” to some things you would never say “yes” to!  Without proper boundaries, women end up with choices they could possibly regret the morning after.

Remember, if you’re gonna trust God with your love life, then you’re gonna wanna play by His rules.  So intentions are crucial!

So, protect yourself, girl! Set a curfew, make sure you have a friend to check up on you after a certain time to ensure you’re home (alone) safely. Set the date at a public place where there are plenty of people…and light. If you don’t want to overeat, then don’t go to a buffet! Go to the park if you don’t want to overspend!  And if you’re looking to stay pure then you’ll definitely wanna be sure that you send that message loud and clear!

And don’t create your boundaries as you go because you’ll only create mixed signals.

Having a game plan in place is going to help you remove all those doubts, fears, and worries that come with a first date.

It’s going to put you at ease instead, to really enjoy the night, and embrace your dating season.

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