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You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a while.  And while the season screams “get engaged!”, you’re still waiting for that perfect time for him to pop that perfect question.

The REAL question is,

“Is marriage forreal in your near future?”

What has already happened in your relationship that can let you know that you’re on the right track towards marital bliss?

Here are 4 ways to help you know for sure that yes, you’re moving in the right direction!  And to also brace yourself… cause you’re about to get engaged. Click here to enjoy this episode!

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1)   His parents have met you and like you.

If you’re not a serious candidate for marriage then why on earth would he even introduce you to his parents?
If things aren’t serious, then they really don’t need to know you. #sorrynotsorry
Which means that if you met them, then it’s probably pretty serious!

2)   His best friend approves.

If his BFF, the one whom he openly shares a bromance with, likes you and approves of the relationship, then that is very good news!
Chances are, if he does like you and think that you two would be great for marriage, then he’s already planting seeds into your boyfriend’s head that’ll motivate him to take the next step and make things official.

3)   The butterflies are still there.

Your relationship is strong and long-lasting.  Even better?  You still have a passion for one another!  No signs of boredom, doubt, insecurity, or a dying flame.  Those are all very good signs!
If sparks are still flying, then chances are, he’s going to make a move soon.

4)   You both are not afraid of talking about the future together.

Some women might bring this topic and their guys just are ready to talk about it.  Ever.  Some guys might talk about the future together, and it totally freaks you out.
However, if you’re talking about the same things, and you both are genuinely looking forward to that time together, then the coast is clear.  You’re already thinking about creating a future with your boyfriend, and he’s doing the exact same thing as you!

One thing you have to consider when it comes to the “future” talk, marriage and a wedding are two different things.

Marriage is long-term…wedding is one day.
If you’re excited about the “wedding” and aren’t even touching the subject of marriage, then pay attention to how your boyfriend responds.

More importantly, what are YOU drawn to the most:  the one-time event or the future together?  You might not even be ready for that next step.

Determine what you really desire when it comes to your boyfriend asking this question and figure out for yourself if you are totally sure that you know what you’re asking.
If your boyfriend is more focused on the future, rather than the talks of a wedding, then this is a definite sign that he is looking to make things official pretty soon.
There comes a point in every relationship where you lived through experiences together, you learned enough about each other and researched/studied/did everything you could to get to know this person.  The only thing left to do at this time is to apply what you learned.

In other words, when you reach a point of comfort, trust, and acceptance of one another, then marriage is the next step.

So don’t stress out about when or whether or not the proposal will come.  From the looks of it, you’re gonna get engaged soon enough.
You don’t really know what’s on your boyfriend’s agenda in terms of preparing for marriage and the proposal itself.
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Don’t allow fear to get in the way and create a sense of insecurity in your relationship.

Be OK with where the relationship is at this current time and feel confident knowing that you have a great guy who makes you feel good, loves you, and you’re involved in something that could last a long time.

What are some clear signs that you got when you knew that you were about to get engaged?  Share in the comments below!

guy and girl kiss in the background while girl holds out hand wearing an engagement ring with pink overlay and white text that reads, "4 Ways to Tell You're About to Get Engaged!"

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