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“Would you like to meet my parents?”

It’s all fun and games until your boyfriend asks you this daunting question.
To some women, it’s music to their ears, but for others, it’s quite a horrifying experience.

Because meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a serious “make-or-break” step in the relationship.  With the parent’s approval, you can pretty much expect things to continue moving forward.  Without it, the relationship could fizzle out and end.
So what can you do to create a lasting impression on your boyfriend’s parents?

Here are 4 tips you can use to make sure your first-time impression is a good one!  Click below to enjoy this episode!

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Tip #1:  Dress to impress.

No, this is not a job interview…it’s more like an interview for life.  If you’d like to see this relationship get serious, then you are going to have to look the part.
Keep in mind that your boyfriend’s parents want him to get married just as much as YOU want him to get married!

The question is whether or not you’re the right girl for the position.

Dress modestly so that “your girls” are tucked away and your personal style still shines through.  Don’t dress as though you are getting ready to go to the club, instead dress as if you are about to meet someone whom you deeply respect.
Consider what you would wear if you were someone’s wife…then dress to match that role.

Tip #2:  When in Rome.  (Go with the Flow)

Some families are quiet while others are a bit crazy.  Some like to be active while others enjoy watching movies.  Whatever the case may be, go with the flow and refrain from any temper tantrums/passive aggressive moments if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

The fact that you’re meeting his parents is already an uncomfortable setting, try to take the day as it comes.

If his family tries to pressure you into doing something that is outside of your values (such as drinking, smoking, or robbing a bank) then politely say “no”, and keep it moving.  However, if they ask you to play a backyard game, then suck it up, take one for the team, and try to enjoy yourself.

Tip #3:  Be Yourself.

If you’re a girly-girl, then be a girly-girl.  If you’re a tomboy, then be a tomboy.  Do whatever it is that makes you who you are instead of forcing yourself to impress them by trying to be someone you’re not.
They probably already stalked you on every social media account you own, so they might know a lot more about you than you realize.
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Tip #4:  Find Common Ground.

This is a good general tip for anyone who is placed in an unknown setting and needs to make connections with others.  Focus on something that you like in the setting (sports, house décor, the weather, pets, etc.) and develop a natural conversation discussing something that you all like and can easily talk about.  If in doubt, you all care for the same person (your boyfriend) so you can always allow him to lead the conversation and follow along.
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Here are a few DON’TS that you don’t want to do during your first meeting with his parents:

DON’T disrespect their son.

Whether in person, on social media, anytime, or anywhere.  It will destroy any chance you may have of gaining their approval.

DON’T boast in your bad habits.

Everyone has them…no one needs to talk about them.  Focus on your strengths and what you’re good at.  Placing your weaknesses in the spotlight, as a way to joke about yourself, is a HUGE sign of insecurity.  Everyone will see it and things will get awkward.

DON’T get too comfortable.

If you enjoy drinking, smoke, cuss, party, etc. then definitely do not do too much of it in front of his parents.  No one wants to marry off their child to a lush, a sailor, or a club hopper.  Just sayin.
So there you have it.  I hope you have a great first encounter with your boyfriend’s parents and everything goes smooth.
When all else fails, the best thing you can do is smile and stay close to your boyfriend until he lets you know what cool and what’s not.

Your Turn:  Which tip helped you impress your boyfriend’s parents?  Share in the comments below!!

friendly faced girl smiles while holding up two fingers from each hand framing her eyes with pink overlay and white text that reads, "4 Tips to Impress Your Boyfriend's Parents"

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