Prayer and fasting is pretty serious stuff when it comes to your faith walk.

And while I was very new to mine, I kept feeling as though this “fast” was something I should be trying out.

As a “baby Christian”, I wanted to take my personal relationship with God seriously. I’ve known Him all of my life yet never really knew Him, if ya know what I mean.

So, when I had finally had enough of the world and wanted to dive deeper into my spiritual life, I decided to go to a church on my own. With no family ties, no real friends, nada. I simply went because their website stated that it was closeby and offered free coffee. Sold!

Once I went to church, I kept hearing everyone talk about this thing called a “season of prayer and fasting”.

I had no idea what that meant other than the fact that it called for a restrictive diet and that this church would be doing this together over the course of 21 days.

“Sounds easy enough”, I told myself. I decided to do it.

Please note that my decision to do this was NOT because of the idea that restricting my diet to fruits and vegetables would cause me to lose weight. This was NOT a physical diet thing.

I decided to go on a fast because I knew that I wanted to get closer to God. And I knew that it would require me to take some serious personal action on my part to make that happen.

The story I am sharing with you happened over ten years ago. And I have been entering a season of prayer and fasting ever since.

Not because my church continues to do this every year, but because of the results I have gained from such a season. Each and every time I do it, I get a remarkable result.

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While I can confidently say that I now have lots of experience in this area of my faith, there were many lessons I’ve learned along the way. Lessons on things that you should definitely DO during a fast… And things that you should absolutely NOT DO.

Ever wanted to go on a fast and just never knew how? In this video, I share 4 Do’s and 4 Don’ts when it comes to prayer and fasting. Use these tips to learn how to pray & fast so that you can get closer to God.

Click below to enjoy this video!

If you’re reading this and feel inspired to go on your own personal season of prayer and fasting, then I urge you to do it. Totally do it! Even if you don’t really have it all together!

If your intentions are there to get closer to God, then it’s absolutely worth it!

But still, if you need a bit more information on how exactly to go about it, then check out the products and services I currently offer to help you grow your faith!

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