What does marriage really mean?

Many individuals grow up dreaming of that lasting love, the gorgeous wedding, and the great and wonderful “happily ever after” marriage that follows.

Though in many cases, most marriages do not portray your “picture perfect” perception.

With many couples, once they decide to get married, they wind up losing the sparkle, burning out the flame, and signing the divorce papers faster than it takes to let their nail polish dry.

Without fully understanding what marriage is could wind up affecting both you and your spouse in more ways than you can even imagine.

Not only that but breaking off your marriage could affect any children involved for many generations to come.

Though I was never divorced per se, I was definitely affected by the divorce of my parents.  It made me afraid of commit and I felt like an utter failure every time a relationship did not last.

So when you’re dating someone, and marriage IS something you want to explore, then check out this episode that breaks down the 3 truths of what a marriage really is.

1. Marriage is a union between a husband and his wife.

Basically, you are making a pact to yourself, your partner, God, family, friends, and the world that you are taking a stand to make a united front with your partner from here on out.
You make this decision very clear by having a wedding.  At this event, witnesses are invited to see you take this stand and make your choice official.  Those witnesses are also supposed to keep you accountable to your word.

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Because this is supposed to be a joyful celebration, there’s a party that follows.  Hence why wedding receptions tend to rack up your finances…though it doesn’t have to be that way as long as you focus on the purpose of the party.

2. Marriage is an everyday commitment to love that person unconditionally.

Loving your spouse does not stop at the wedding nor after your first year of marriage.  It is a lifelong commitment regardless of their age, health conditions, or financial status.

If things start to get tough and you start to back out, then what did you actually commit to in the first place?  Not sayin.  JUST sayin.

Yes, sometimes your spouse may not deserve your love, but you didn’t commit to that to love under certain conditions.  You committed to loving them unconditionally through the good times and bad.  Granted, if there is abuse, adultery any other red flags involved, then your marriage IS in danger and professional help should be sought.  But in everyday stubborn scenarios, you should remind yourself on a daily basis that love should be present at all times.

3. Marriage is a public declaration to the world letting everyone know who’s team you’re on.

Let’s look at this in a sports setting:  Imagine you are a basketball player.  You have the choice to play for any team you want.  As a player, you want to choose a team that will give you the most chance of winning “the ring” (get it?)

Whose team will you want to be on and how much effort and dedication are you going to put towards your team to ensure that you’ll win “the ring” and reign as the champion team each season?

That’s really what marriage is all about.  You are making a public declaration, letting everyone know that you are going to dedicate yourself to one team.

As a team player, you are committing to give your team all you have in efforts to win the game and reign as winning team.

Remember, just because you had a glorious wedding, does not mean that your marriage will reflect it in the years to come.

Marriage takes work, effort, commitment, and love.

It requires you putting God’s love first as the foundation of your marriage. So if you’re thinking about it, or know someone who’s thinking about it, then share this video! If you’re considering marriage and are freaking out by the reality of it all, then perhaps it’s not a good time to go all in. If you’re considering marriage and are excited and ready to make this move, then I hope and wish you the best!

What does marriage mean to you??

wife and husband interlocking arms showing off wedding rings with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Three Truths about Marriage"

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