Are you in a long-term relationship, engaged, or married and are TIRED of trying to figure out what to do every year on Valentine’s Day??

It can get old real quick.  So, what should you know about your Valentine in order to make this holiday unforgettable…

Each and every year??

Here are 3 things that you need to consider before moving forward in planning your holiday festivities.   Click below to enjoy this episode!

1.  Determine how big is Valentine’s Day to you and your love.

Is it as big as Christmas?  Is it bigger than your birthday?  Do you even care about Valentine’s Day?  Is it even a real holiday for you?

You have to consider how BIG this holiday really is for you and your mate because this will let you know exactly how much planning and preparation should go into it.

If your partner doesn’t even care for it and you’re going all out with the bells, whistles, and fireworks then you won’t be seeing each other eye to eye.  Sure your gestures will be appreciated, however, it might not be necessary.

2.  Know your Valentine’s Love Language.

For those of you who do not know what a “Love Language” is then you are going to want to Google and search for Gary Chapman, “The 5 Love Languages”.  This is based on a book and explains that every person has a specific “love language” within themselves and how they receive love and how they offer love.
The five love languages are time, touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, and (my personal favorite) the gifts.
What is your spouse’s love language?  If you’re trying to figure this out now, then you can go to Gary Chapman’s website, and you can take a really quick and simple online quiz to help you determine that answer.

Once you figure out how you receive love, and how your partner receives love, then you are going to want to revolve ALL of your Valentine’s planning and preparation around this!

For all you know, you’ve been buying your wife flowers and chocolate every year, and all she really wanted was that Hallmark card, filled with lots of words of affirmation, explaining how much she means to you and how much you love her.
Yes, folks!  It can be that simple if you know your Valentine’s love language.

3.  Know their expectations for Valentine’s Day.

Guys, if your girlfriend is expecting you to buy flowers every year, then guess what?  It’s probably for the best that you go out and buy some really nice flowers every year.
Wives, if your husband is expecting to get freaky in the PM of your Valentine evening, then guess what, ladies?  Then it’s probably for the best that you mentally and physically prepare for that bedroom meeting each year.

As long as you know what your Valentine is looking for and expecting each year, then you can be sure that you will plan out the BEST Valentine’s Day each year moving forward.

Me, personally?  My husband and I like to keep things simple.  We rent a nice romantic comedy (for my sake) and we dine in with the lovely Chinese take-out.
It works for us, what’s gonna work for you?
This is your story.  This is your relationship.  So do what works for you!

What are some ideas that help you and bae share a winning Valentine’s Day each year?  Share in the comments section below!

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