Despite everything you do to make yourself a better person, you’re still unable to find a good man!

And maybe it isn’t frustrating for you, but it was definitely VERY frustrating to me that no matter what I did, I kept attracting the same type!

Was there some kind of stamp on my forehead that read, “now hiring:  only cheating, selfish men apply”?!

Nothing spelled out “love-life failure” than me trying to actually get my life together and then running into this dead end dating situation.

Even when I decided to trust God with my love life, and put Him first in my new relationships, I still would somehow manage to overlook the good guys and wind up wasting time on a bunch of liars, claiming they were “good”.

It was a very disheartening season, I can tell you that.  If you’re feeling anywhere along the lines of where I used to feel, then perhaps this video may help!

Looking back at my love life, I can now see that there were still a few things I was doing on my end that was keeping me holding me back from being able to find a good man.

And when I came close to it, and the good men I found wasn’t good enough, I still managed to find my Mr. Right after making a few more tweaks.

I wanna share them all with you in this video!  Click below to watch!

Sorry if the truth-bombs were laid on pretty thick!  But this is the honest truth!

Once I was able to reset these three areas in my love-life, I was able to FINALLY shake off the guys who did not take me nor my love-life intentions seriously.  Everything started to fall into place and sure enough, my Mr. Right came not long after.

Now granted, I’m not telling you that by adjusting these three things that you’ll meet your Mr. Right!  Only God can set up that blind date!  But… I will say that you’ll definitely be a lot closer to the goal!  You know, the goal of finding men who can see and appreciate your worth!  Or even finding a piece of yourself that would uphold better standards when it comes to dating, love, and relationships???  Not sayin, just sayin.

Which of these reasons kept you from being able to find a good man?  How has life changed for you since you made the adjustments??  Share in the comments below!!

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