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I’ve dated a lot of guys who turned out to be jerks, a-holes, but have never had I met one whom I thought I was “dating a keeper”.

Of course, I’ve also dated a lot of “good guys” too.  But those relationships didn’t seem to work out either because I wasn’t sure about myself and what I wanted.

After making a list of what I valued in a husband, I (thought) was finally ready for “the one”.
So how did I know “the one” when he came into my life?

Here are 10 clear signs that have helped me (and will help YOU) know that you’re totally dating a keeper who could very well be “husband” potential.  Click below to enjoy this episode.

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1)   He is stable and is still striving for more.

He is committed to being emotionally, financially, and physically stable.  He’s not addicted to anything that could be harmful to him or you.  He is also striving to do better on a daily basis.
If he’s not striving for greatness, as Lebron James always says, then this guy is not going to be good for your future, and he definitely won’t be good for a future family.
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2)   He respects AND cares for the other women in his life.

Not to be confused with him dating other women, I’m talking about the women who are in his life and will always be in his life, whether you stay or not.  He shows love and respect towards his grandmother, mother, daughter, mentor, etc.

3)   He has good friends.

You know the saying, “birds of a feather flock together”…yeah.  That.
If he hangs around a bunch of no-good, lazy, selfish, rude “bad boys”, then guess what he is?   Make sure that he has friends in place who are building him up, lifting him up in times of need, and help shape him to become the husband, friend, provider, and lover that you need for a lasting marriage.

4)   He shows you love in many ways.

Through gifts, spending time with you, complimenting you all the time! (Seriously, who wouldn’t want this in a forever relationship?)  The key is that he actually backs this all up by being there for you and taking loving actions towards all of his words, gifts, etc.
PS- this kind of love is actually supposed to be this way when it comes to finding a potential husband.  There is nothing wrong with wanting this in your ideal husband.  You deserve it.

5)   He doesn’t hide who he is around you.

He doesn’t pretend to be one way with you and then completely flips the script when he’s with everyone else.

6)   He has a clear vision of marriage and it aligns with your vision of marriage.

To avoid walking into anything you may regret, be sure that your views, values, and expectations of marriage are the same.  If so, you’re good to go.

7)   He’s not afraid of your family.

As in, your family actually likes him and they do not intimidate him.  Soon enough, he will become a part of your family so if they don’t get along now, then you’re in for some tension and family issues later down the road.

8)   It’s no longer all about him… Or all about you…it’s now all about “us”.

When you first meet a guy, he is most likely focused on himself (which is normal).  Once you start dating, he may shift that energy off of him to place it onto you.  But you know it’s getting serious when he shifts his energy once more, this time to focus on both of you.

9)   He’s not afraid to talk about the “F” topics.

You know…the scary, deep topics that only come into a relationship with things get serious?

I’m talking about finance, fears, family, future.

A lot of guys don’t even bring these things up because it’s not that serious to them.  This is code for “you’re not that serious to them”.

10) He is moving at the same pace as you are.

There is no pressure to speed things up, and no frustration of slowing things down.  If you see eye-to-eye in these serious issues, then you know he’s ready to walk in the same direction as you.
So when you meet this guy… when you finally know that you’re indeed dating a keeper, hold onto him.  Pray about it.  Then pray some more.  Trust in the open doors that God is calling you to walk through.  Don’t allow fear to take over you and cause you to self-sabotage this.
This is a good thing.  Enjoy it.

What are some signs that helped you know you were dating a keeper?  Share in the comments below!

girl and guy stare at each other and smile as they share a winter blanket outside in snowy weather with pink overlay and white text that reads, "10 Signs to Let You Know You're Dating a Keeper"

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