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I am so excited to be leaving my 20’s and moving into my 30’s!

They say that your 20’s is the decade where you “discover who you are”.  It’s the time when you “live life to the fullest” and enjoy your youth.

But now it’s time to move on.

Before I say “goodbye” to this amazing decade, I’d like to share a few lessons that I learned.  Click below to watch this episode!

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1) Yes…your metabolism DOES slow down… So move!

I thought it was some myth that women pass down from generation to generation…but it’s all true!  You’ll have to work twice as hard to stay in shape!

2) Late night escapades get old pretty quick.

It was fun when you had the energy to stay up all night and still make into work on time the next day.  But as you age, you’ll start to really feel like a boss for getting your night routine done, packing your lunch, and preparing for your following day all before 10:30 pm.

3) Do not be afraid to be YOURSELF.

You spend the first half of your life trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in.  It’s OK to be you and embrace all that you are!  Whether your shy, silly, corky, nerdy, an extrovert, an introvert, whatever!  God made you just the way you are, so be you.

4) Find your style and own it!

Growing up, you may have gone with all the trends.  In your 20’s, you most certainly went with the trends.  Why?  Because everyone else was doing it!  As you get older, you’ll realize that some of the trends just aren’t you anymore.  Evolve into your own unique style and own it!

5) It’s totally OK to choose to stay in and relax.

In your early 20’s, you freak out a bit when it’s Friday night and there are no plans.  But trust me, these “no-plan” evenings are going to become GOLD once you get older.  You’ll finally have time to do absolutely NOTHING, and it’s going to feel great.

6) Be comfortable with your values.

Whether you go to church, like to volunteer, or enjoy spending time with your family, these are the things that you’ll want to make a priority in your schedule.  Honor these things now and they will never depart from your lifestyle.  And that will help you define your clear direction with an intention to live a life you’ll absolutely love.


Seriously, this one is going to come back and bite you if you don’t nip it in the bud while you still can.  Do you seriously want to be tied down to Uncle Sam for the rest of your life?  Pay off what you can, when you can.  Start a savings account and begin to tuck money into it (even if it’s $10 per check!)  And you’ll definitely want to set money aside for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS…because they’ll come up and you’ll be glad that you prepare for them.

8) Get out of the game while you still can.

If you know in your heart that you’re ready to settle down, start a family, and find true love, then stop playing the games.  Toss out those phone numbers of the guys you’re not interested in.  Stop the flirting games, and get serious.  Make sure your intentions are well-known so that you don’t waste any more of your time.
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9) Figure out your (healthy) eating habits and stick to it.

Over time, whatever you choose to eat will either bring you good health…or, bad health.  Save yourself from the prescriptions, chronic pain, and doctor visits now by picking up an apple or two, creating some healthy habits that work for you, and learning to live a healthier lifestyle.

10) Love starts with YOU!

If you’re looking for love, and you also want to receive love, then you have to understand that it starts with you first.  If you cannot give yourself love, time, and attention, then don’t expect to receive it from someone else.  Unless you’re willing to nurture your own life, you will never feel complete from the love of someone else.

So what lessons did you learn from your 20’s??  Share below in the comments section!

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